Great times in the South.....

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Great times in the South….

Can you believe this weather in Sumter?  A nice chill in the morning with a temperature in the 70’s or higher in the afternoon makes it hard to believe it is February.   I hope March is as nice.

Speaking of March, your County Government’s budget season begins in March for four months.  We will hold individual department head meetings to best determine their priorities and needs for the upcoming Fiscal Year in July.  The Finance Team and I will review all department heads’ requests and make appropriate adjustments equivalent to the anticipated revenues for the new fiscal year.  Then we will conduct informative Budget Workshops with County Council to approve a new balanced budget.  This all sounds relatively simple, but as revenue gets tighter, and the costs of performing the same business increases, the task of balancing an already stringent budget gets tougher. 

Your County Council takes this task very serious and reviews the numbers all year so that you, the tax payer, can trust and depend on their decisions.  Wish us well over the next four months as we prepare a balanced budget.

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