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Election 2012


Congratulations to our County Council members that were successful in their re-election campaign (Chairman Eugene Baten, Councilwoman Vivian Fleming-McGhaney, Councilwoman Naomi Sanders, and Councilman Jimmy Byrd).  We certainly are excited about keeping our County team strong.

Bond Ratings Indicate a Healthy Government


I am happy to report that Moody’s Investor Services and Standard & Poor’s, the two  leading bond rating agencies, have assigned superior bond ratings of Aa2 and A, respectively, to Sumter County’s $6.5 million General Obligation Bond issue, Series 2012, while reaffirming these ratings to the County’s other outstanding debt.  Factors contributing to these ratings include the County’s strong financial position, low debt burden, rapid debt payoff, and manageable capital needs, which are all indications of a healthy and financially secure county government.

Gary's Blog


We are already two months into the 2012 fiscal year!  So much is going on in your County government.  We have had an unseasonable amount of rainfall in the Sumter area which has caused our road crews, who maintain more than 260 miles of dirt and gravel roads, great difficulty.  The rain has also caused delays in numerous construction projects such as the new Judicial Center and the new County Sheriff’s Office.  Although we have experienced these delays, we have been assured that the time lost will be recouped over the next few months.

Beginning of the Fiscal Year


Sumter County Government's fiscal year is off and running with new department allocations.  Your County's fiscal year budget is from July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013.

Significant changes in this year's budget include a three percent (3%) across the board salary adjustment for the 645 County employees.  This was the first salary adjustment our employees have received since 2008.  Also included in this budget are funds to support the opening of R.E. Davis Recreaton Community Center, the new Bethel Fire Station, the new Sumter County Sheriff's Office and the new Sumter County Judicial Center.

County Administrator - Web Report


Your County Government is hard at work for the citizens of Sumter County.  Spring is winding down and summer is just around the corner.  For local government that means "Budget Season".

Much work has been done by the various County Departments projecting their needs for the upcoming 2012-2013 Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013.


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