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Sumter County is Presently Seeking a Facilities Manager

Sumter County is Presently Seeking: 
Facilities Manager
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County gets clean audit


Sumter County received a clean, unmodified audit Tuesday evening during its regular Council meeting.

Before the meeting, during Council’s Fiscal, Tax, and Property Committee meeting, Council members were briefed on the financial statement from Jennifer Miller, a partner with WebsterRogers LLP, the external auditing firm.

Miller thanked the Fiscal Affairs department for making her job smooth as she worked on the audit over the course of several months.


From the Administrator

Spoke too soon...


Spoke too soon...

Well I did it again, I talked about the nice weather with 800 temperatures in February and now it is mid- March with 400 and 500 temperatures.  The Azalea blooms may not survive the next few weeks.  We even had ‘snow’ one morning!  We did not receive much accumulation but it sure was nice to see the big flakes falling. 

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