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Sumter County Government offices closed for Friday, Jan. 5


The offices of Sumter County Government will be closed for Friday, Jan. 5 as concerns about safe road travel continue.

Sumter County Administrator Gary Mixon said about 5 p.m. on Thursday that officials are closely watching the Friday weather forecast for the area and don't want folks traveling the roadways to experience the potential for hazardous conditions.


From the Administrator

Winter-Winding Down? New!


Winter – Winding Down?

What an odd winter it has been this year in Sumter, South Carolina.  First we received the lions’ share of snow, about seven inches in different parts of the County, while the upstate known for light snows received none.  Next, we have already had, in Sumter County, sub 20o weather for days with highs only reading sub-freezing levels at 280.  Not our typical winter weather in Sumter for sure.  Global warming, is not here!

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