• Employee Spotlight: Fatimah Brunson

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    Feb 26 2021 Fatima Brunson 2

    Fatimah Brunson loves to make people laugh.

    “If I can put a smile on your face, I’m good,” she said with a smile.

    Now well known for her friendly demeanor and strong work ethic, Brunson has been with Sumter County Government for 15 years.

    “It’s been good – I try to do my best and this is what I would do at home because I want to be comfortable, too,” she said.

    Assigned to the Administration building, Brunson is the consummate detail-oriented individual who takes every aspect of her job seriously.

    She cleans everything.

    “The whole building every day,” she said. “Whatever I can’t see with my eyes doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

    The Administration building houses the offices of the Assessor, the Auditor and the Treasurer – three departments with plenty of foot traffic and visitors from the general public. The building is also home to the Finance and Purchasing departments, along with the Administration, Clerk to Council, Council Chambers and the County Attorney.

    “Fatimah does a wonderful job and we’re very proud of her,” said Lorraine Dennis, Assistant Administrator. “Before the pandemic we placed a high value on ensuring our buildings are clean and tidy and the last year has shone a spotlight on how important it is to keep everything sanitized, clean and safe for all of us. And if Fatima was getting a report card, it would be an A plus.”

    If you see her during the work day, she might be listening to gospel music or hip-hop while she works, depending on the mood. She and her family are still processing the recent and sudden loss of her brother, Ali Brunson, 39, and she’s found gospel music helps.

    “I’m still dealing with it but it’s still tough,” she said. “But the music calms me.”

    Born in Sumter, Fatimah has an older sister, Majeeda, and younger brother, Kareem. She is also the proud mother of her son Shiheim McCray, 23, and daughter Diamond Brunson, 19.

    When she has free time, they’re just chilling at home.

    “My house is the hangout spot,” she said, laughing.

    She’s also taking online classes to learn about medical billing and has almost completed the courses.

    She jokes that when she gets off work, if she’s not doing coursework, she’s “doing the same thing I do here,” and cleaning up after her kids.

    But then, when the day comes to an end…..

    “The TV will watch me,” she said, laughing again. “Watch me lay down and go to sleep.”

    Feb 26 2021 Fatima Brunson 1