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    Dillon Park and Recreation Department

    Dillon Park is undergoing a massive transformation as the construction of three new football fields, a new parking lot, a new concession stand, pavilion and storage building are ongoing and expected to be completed by this fall.
    In the Spring of 2017, the Exercise Track was repaved and in the Summer of 2017, new playground equipment was installed. Also as part of the Penny for Progress, new, energy efficient LED lights have replaced the old lights.

    Crystal Lakes Golf Course is still open and seeing plenty of golfers and it's still possible to travel from North Wise Drive to North Pike West despite the closure of a short stretch of Clara Louise Kellogg Drive. The disc golf course remains open.

    For the many exercise enthusiasts that enjoy the Exercise Track, they will notice a portion of the track is temporarily closed due to the construction work. Once the football fields are done, that section of track will re-open.

    Total cost of the Dillon Park renovations are $2.75 million.


    The Haynsworth Street gymnasium is gettings its roof fixed and the gym itself will get new flooring. New electrical and plumbing are also part of the makeover.

    A brand new gymnasium will also be built adjacent to the current gym and new parking will be part of the package as patrons of Patriot Hall will also enjoy the extra space.

    Total costs of these projects is $6 million.