• Paving and Resurfacing Roads

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    Paving and Resurfacing Roads

    A big push for Sumter County Government on the second Penny for Progress is to revitalize some roads and transform several dirt roads to paved roads.

    To ease public travel and emergency vehicle accessibility while also improving maintenance service, 18 miles of dirt roads will be paved. This is an $8.9 million allocation. To date, 6.23 miles of formerly dirt roads have been paved with another 6.36 miles in progress. There are 5.41 miles of roads in the engineering phase.

    In terms of resurfacing roads, 19 miles of roads have been identified as slated for receiving resurfacing with an allocation of $3.1 million. There's 11.82 miles of roads that have been resurfaced with another 4.18 miles of roads in the process of being resurfaced with three miles remaining.

    Roads to be paved include: Alma Drive, Amberwood Drive, Amonn Road, Antrim Court, Bar Zee Drive, Bennett Drive, Birch Court, Bob White Drive, Brentwood Drive, Brighton Court, Caroland Drive, Cedarwood Drive, Cessna Street, Charles Miller Road, Clash Lane, Daniel Taylor Lane, Evergreen Court, Fourth Street, Gaddy  Street, Goodman Road, Hagan Street, Hialeah Parkway, Inverness Court, Jennifer Court, Killdee Drive, Leeds Court, Lesane Pressley Lane, Livingston Street, Mallory Court, Mallory Drive, Mayrant Road, Old Camden Road, Paige Drive, Peacock Drive, Prairie Road, Pridgen Lane, Quail Run, Regency Court, River Birch Drive, Robert Perry Road, Rosemary Court, Ross Farm Road, S. Haven Drive, Saxton Road, Sheffield Court, Shetland Street, Slip Road, Swallow Drive, Sycamore Drive, Thatcher Court, Timber Sand Road, Timmerman Street, Vixon Loop, Whipporwill Drive, Winston Road (both ends), Woodfield Court, Woodfield Lane, Yorkridge Drive and Zachary Road.

    Roads to be resurfaced include: Amherst Court, Annie Court, Annie Street, Arabian Street, Avalon Court, Avalon Drive, Bush Court, Bush Lane, Carnegie Street, Carriage Drive, Chanson Court, Chanson Lane, Cherry Hill Court, Chris Drive, Cobb Court, Contour Court, Daly Street, Danville Lane, Derek Drive, Drake Street, Edmunds Drive, Expedition Drive, Firestone Court, Green View Parkway, Indigo Court, Indigo Drive, Innisbrook Court, Killarney Lane, Kim Street, Kiwi Court, Lacosta Court, Lakewood Circle, Lakewood Court, Lakewood Drive, Lancaster Drive, Lantern Lane, Lee Altman Road, Lemacks Street, Lorentz Drive, Mana Drive, Marwood Drive, McLaughlin Road, McPhail Street, Mona Court, Morris Way Drive, Moye Street, Nicholson Drive, Oak Haven Court, Pinecrest Drive, Potts Lane, Prestwick Court, Ridge Street, Royal Colwood Court, Sandspur Drive, Sheridan Drive, Sunflower Court, Sylvan Way, Tidewater Drive, Torrey Pines Drive, Trent Street, Turnberry Court, Warwick Court, Warwick Drive, Waterway Drive, Waverly Circle, and  Waverly Drive.