Declare your Independence for a "Waste-Free" Fourth of July

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As July 4 approaches, you are probably thinking about cooking out with family and neighbors and watching beautiful fireworks bursting in the night sky. July 4th celebrations can be a lot of fun.  But you can also make your July 4th celebration more eco-friendly with a few simple tips:

  • Declare your Independence for a “waste-free” celebration by boycotting use of disposable items such as paper plates and cups at your holiday cookout.  Use cloth napkins in red, white or blue colors and reusable plastic or ceramic plates. 
  • When shopping for your Fourth of July cookout, take your own reusable bag to the grocery store.
  • Lawn grooming for your holiday cookout is a breeze when mowers, weed eaters and hedge trimmers are kept in tip-top shape.  Regular maintenance prolongs the life of yard equipment and ensures maximum performance.
  • Need extra picnic tables, chairs or even an industrial size barbecue grill? Consider borrowing or renting items that you will only use occasionally.
  • Cleaning up after barbecuing can be easy and toxic-free.  After the charcoal has cooled, clean the grill by placing wet newspapers on the racks, close the lid and wait an hour.  Rub the newspapers across the racks.  No need to scrub or to use special cleaning products. 
  • After your celebration, compost your food waste.  Fruits and vegetables and peels, pits and seeds are all perfect for composting – a great natural fertilizer.
  • After the spectacular fireworks, please clean up the firework’s litter after a safe cool-off time.

With some simple planning you can make your Independence Day red, white, blue and green!

The Sumter County Convenience/Recycling Centers will close Saturday, July 4th at 4:00 pm.   There will not be an e-waste collection day on Saturday, July 4th at Public Works.  The next e-waste collection day will be Saturday, August 1st at Sumter County Public Works, 8:00 am – noon.  For more information on recycling in Sumter, contact Karen Hyatt, Sumter County Asst. Public Works Director at 436-2241.   Have a safe Fourth of July!

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