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    State Law in §4-9-30 of the Codes of Laws of South Carolina, 1976 has established and authorized the general powers of County Government.  Sumter County has seven Council members who are elected under single member districts.

    large_TransparentSealThe County, by action of the Council members, has the power to tax and spend revenue for a wide variety of purposes.

    Council can, by majority vote, engage in water, sewer, solid waste collection and disposal, transportation, planning, economic development, creation of hospitals and medical care, and public health services.  County Council can also authorize referendums to seek citizenry input for utility systems and additional taxes and fees. 

    Council functions as the governing body with the power to buy and sell property, to enter into contracts, to exercise the power of eminent domain, and to assess and levy ad valorem property taxes and uniform services charges.

    County Council functions as the authority to establish county agencies, departments, boards and commissions, and to appointment the members of such bodies.

    County Council may authorize the development of personnel policies and procedures for county employees except for those officials directly elected by the people.

    The Department of Sumter County Council has one full-time staff person who works in Council’s Office (the Clerk to County Council).  Council has one other full-time employee, the County Administrator, who manages the entire County and operates a separate office from County Council.