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    Image of Karl Ford
    Karl Ford
    Fire Chief

    315 N. Lafayette Dr
    Sumter, S.C. 29150
    Phone: 803-436-2600
    Fax: 803-436-2604
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    Hours of Operation:
    24 Hours a day

    Fire Chief Karl Ford
    Assistant Chief Ernie Dollard

    The Sumter Fire Department has the goals of protecting lives, emergency incident-stabilization, and property conservation throughout the County of Sumter.

    The Fire Department strives to be a leader to our citizens in providing excellent fire service today and into the future, promoting professional goals and standards through fire prevention, training, and fire suppression activities.

    Mission Statement:
    It is recognized and understood by the leadership and personnel of the Sumter Fire Department, it is our obligation and responsibility to provide protection for Sumter City and County from fire and other associated emergencies, be mentally and professionally prepared to stabilize the incidents encountered, and to always be aware of and to conserve any and all property. And to be a leader of the fire service into the future by setting and achieving goals and standards through fire prevention, inspections, training, and fire suppression.

    Sumter County Fire Department History


    There is a constant, ongoing commitment to reduce fire deaths and injuries in the Sumter area.  The Department's personnel go into schools, churches, civic groups, and any place necessary where we can address these needs.

    Chief Inspector is Robbie Rickard rrickard@sumtersc.gov(link sends e-mail)
    Tammy Tolbert ttolbert@sumtersc.gov

    The Department has a proactive, aggressive inspection division that addresses the need for updated fire codes and enforces the fire codes and life safety codes in place today.



    The training program of the Sumter Fire Department exceeds the modern standards of professional training utilizing instructors inside the Department (Company Officers), the South Carolina Fire Academy, the National Fire Academy, and many other sources of education.

    Personnel perform duties under a Fire Company type operation, utilizing the unity of command, whereby every Member answers to one (1) Supervisor. This supports the span of control of one (1) supervisor to no more than four (4) members.

    The Sumter Fire Department has personnel as follows:

    • 1 Chief
    • 1 Assistant Chief
    • 2 Administrative Assistants
    • 5 Division Chiefs
    • 3 Battalion Chiefs
    • 1 Logistics Officer
    • 3 Training and Recruitment
    • 16 Captains
    • 12 Lieutenants
    • 239 Volunteers
    The City of Sumter and the area known as Tax District #1 carries an ISO rating of class 1.
    The rural portion of Sumter County known as Tax District #2 carries an ISO rating of class 4.

    Burn Notification: 1-800-517-9641
    Sumter City Fire Department