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    The Sumter Fire Department promotes the highest level of professionalism for the increasing demands of our community. The training and expertise that is shared at the Sumter Fire Department is second to none. We have some of the most qualified firefighters in the state.

    The Training Division and programs of the Sumter Fire Department exceed the modern standards of professional training. We utilize instructors inside the department (Company Officers), the South Carolina Fire Academy, the National Fire Academy, the University of Georgia and many other sources of education to meet the departments training needs.

    We provide officer level training for supervisors, driver/operator training for engineers and firefighter training. We also try to blend this training into each rank to assure overlap in levels to better protect the most valuable asset the Sumter Fire Department has, our firefighter personnel.

    If you are considering a future in the fire service or want to volunteer at a county station, come by and visit the Sumter Fire Department or call 1-800-fireline or 436-2600.

    The Sumter Fire Department from time to time finds the need to hire additional firefighters to fill existing slots as well as new slots to handle the demands of our growing community and increased fire related hazards. There are minimum requirements to be met before applying for this fulfilling career as a Sumter Firefighter.


    • Must be 18 years of age
    • Must be in good health and able to pass an OSHA physical
    • Must be able to perform under extreme conditions
    • Must be neat in appearance, well groomed and promote good personal hygiene
    • Must be able to pass a S.L.E.D. Background check

    Required Documents

    • High School Diploma or GED Certificate
    • Valid South Carolina driver's license
    • Social Security Card

    All applications for anyone interested in becoming a Volunteer Firefighter with the Sumter County Fire Department can be picked up at the Sumter Fire Department at 315 N. Lafayette Drive.

    The Sumter Fire Department has some of the most qualified and award winning firefighters in the state. They demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and integrity. The training and expertise that is taught and continuously perfected makes the Sumter firefighter second to none.

    The Firefighter must complete a series of classes through the South Carolina Fire Academy. These classes consist of Structural Firefighting, Automobile Extraction, CPR, Flammable Liquids, High Level Rescue, Confine Space Rescue and Hazardous Material Training.

    The Sumter Fire Department is an environment with strict rules and regulations. Each day is structured around maintaining equipment, community participation and training.

    Examinations are also given during each class taught

    Following the required training and probationary period, eligible Firefighters will be afforded the opportunity to compete for openings in specialized fields as listed below:

    • High Angle rescue
    • Confined Space Rescue
    • Rescue Diving
    • Hazardous Material Training
    • Instructor Training
    • Emergency Medical Services Training
    • Public Safety Officer Training
    When accepted in any of these "Specialized areas" you must complete special course training and have the will to continue to obtain on-going education.
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