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    Sumter County has a new Online Tax Payment system.

    About Property Taxes:

    • Paying Real Property Taxes - You will pay one (1) year in arrears.  Tax Notices will be issued each October and are payable by January 15 with no penalty.  After January 15 add 3% to base tax amount.  After February 1 add 10% to base tax amount.  After March 16 add 15% to base tax amount.
    • Paying Personal Property Taxes - You must pay one (1) year in advance in order to obtain a license tag.  The exception occurs when you allow a dealer to obtain your license tag; then you will owe taxes within one hundred twenty (120) days.   The Treasurer's Office works with the SC Department of Transportation "online" for renewal of drivers license plates.
    • Delinquent Tax - The Annual Delinquent Tax Sale is held on the first Monday of each November.  Please contact the Treasurer's Office for detailed information.
    PLEASE NOTE:   Property taxes shown on the "Online Services" page(s) may NOT reflect the addition of "penalties" and other "fees" that may be applied to property.