• County Paving/Resurfacing

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    County Paving/Resurfacing

    Sept 5 2018 Timbersand during paving 6

    $16,000,000 – County Paving/Resurfacing

    New paving road projects on 20.89 miles of dirt roads to ease public travel and emergency vehicle accessibility and to improve maintenance service on other Sumter County roads. 
    Roads to be paved include:  Ambrose Drive, Bainbridge Road, Benenhaley Road, Bunneau Street, Campbell Court, Cannery Road, Coastal Drive, Gaymon Road, Heirs Drive, Hugh Ryan Road, Jaguar Run, James Quincy Court, James Quincy Road, Keystone Road, Loblolly Road, Lynx Lane, Mayrant Court, McLean Street, Millhouse Road, Mundy Street, Munn Street, N. Mayrant Circle, Northridge Drive, Old Stone Road, Ott Street, Pasture Road, Pratt Avenue, Rosehill Road, Rufus Drive, Scotts Branch, S. Mayrant Circle, Sparkleberry Road, Statesburg Hills, Stukes Road, Tate Street, Teakwood Drive, Walters Avenue, and Way-cross Circle. Resurfacing road projects on 7.07 miles of road to include:  Meadowcroft Dr., Ashlynn Way, Caitlynn Drive, Tamarah Way, Kari Drive, Candlelite Court, Fallingwater Lane, Sun Valley Drive, Christopher Court, Malone Drive, Inabinet Drive, Wind Tree Drive, Steeplechase Drive, Soye Drive, Longbranch Drive, Soye Circle, Bend K Drive, Colts Run Court, and Cliffwood Court.

    Sept 19 2018 Caroland Drive after paving 7

    Sept 4 2018 Daniel Taylor Road after paving 1