• Shot Pouch Greenway

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    Shot Pouch Greenway

    This $4 million project will provide a pedestrian greenway that will connect the city and county vertically from Dillon Park on the north to Swan Lake on the south, crossing over several major corridors, including the 76-378 by-pass, Broad Street and Guignard Drive.

    Shot Pouch Creek itself spans about 4 miles, connecting Dillon Park to McCray’s Mill Road and bisects many neighborhoods, commercial corridors and public parks. With the vision of creating a natural greenway, this Penny for Progress project will encourage recreational walking and biking.

    An established boardwalk between Broad Street and the YMCA is really only accessible by car and by creating a sustainable central artery and encompassing such existing paths and parks, the idea is to get the community engaged with the natural world and more active.

    This 3.5 mile trail has had design workshops and public input. About 70 percent of the designing phase has been completed. City-County Planning Director George McGregor said the environmental permitting process is going on now for floodplain and wetlands permits. It should take six to nine months for approvals from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.