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    Public Works

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    Eddie Newman,

    1289 N Main St
    Sumter, SC 29150
    Phone: 803-436-2241
    Fax: 803-436-2245

    Hours of Operation
    Monday - Friday  7:30 - 4:30

    Management of Solid Waste (Sanitation)

    • Nine Recycling Centers (collection of solid waste)*
    • Landfill (disposal of solid waste)
    • Education (solid waste & recycling)

    Maintenance of Roads and Bridges

    • Maintain county roads and improve county roads by paving
    • Maintain county vehicles and equipment
    • Aid to Industry
    • Support for other departments
    • Emergency response team for natural disasters

    Procedures and Policies for Sumter County Roads
    Street Light Policy for Sumter County Street Lights.
    Bid Tabulation - Funds 2014
    Bid Tabulation - Funds 2018
    Bid Tabulation - Industrial Road/High Street CTC 2019