• Engineering

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    1289 N. Main Street
    South Carolina 29153
    Phone :803-436-2114

    Hours of Operation:
    Monday - Friday
    8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Review, approve, and meet on development plans within the unincorporated areas of the county to ensure compliance with Sumter County ordinance and for the purpose to fully implement the South Carolina Code of Law.

    Inspect and make final approval of subdivisions or other site development to ensure all infrastructure facilities are installed according to plans and specifications as shown on the as-built survey.

    Serves on the County Utility Commission, and within that capacity certifies extensions for service of all water and sewer projects.

    The Sumter County Engineer also serves as:

    Manager, Sumter County  Water Utility
    Manager, Sumter County Storm Water Utility