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    Image of Helen Roodman
    Helen Roodman
    Planning Director
    12 West Liberty Street
    Sumter, S.C. 29150
    Phone: 803- 774-1660
    Fax: Fax 803-774-1687

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    Hours of Operation:
    Monday to Friday   8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Sumter City-County Planning Department

    This department is a joint department supported by the City of Sumter and Sumter County.

    The Sumter City-County Planning Department provides responsive, efficient, factual, balanced, and transparent land use expertise to the citizens, property owners, businesses and public officials of the Sumter Community.

    In doing so we:

    • Ensure that the land use process is fair, open and clear
    • Implement land use regulations in a uniform and reliable manner
    • Develop Tools and Strategies for the City of Sumter and Sumter County’s future growth and revitalization that are sensible, economically sustainable, and environmentally sensitive
    • Know that we work for YOU:  neighbors and businesses, citizens and officials, advocates and land owners, equally deserving of respect, prompt attention, and diligence.
    Sumter City & County Flood Information

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