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    Next Community Cleanup Day is Dec. 17,2022

    Organize a neighborhood cleanup team, and get your business, church or civic club involved as we're working hard to clean up the litter and Stash the Trash!

    Nov 22 2022 Community Cleanup Day flyer 2

    Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2022

    Breakfast With Santa2022

    Sumter County's Progress 2022 report now available

    Sumter County Council's Nov. 22, 2022, meeting

    Sumter County Council’s regular Nov. 22, 2022, meeting dealt with rezoning requests and more.
    Sumter City-County Planning Director Helen Roodman spoke first about second reading of a request to rezone 2.65 acres of property at 1990 Hideaway Drive from Agricultural Conservation (AC) to Residential-15 (R-15). She said the applicant is Gainey Construction.
    During the Public Hearing, about 10 people spoke against it, citing possible loss of property value for their property, renters not caring about rental properties, increased traffic and increased litter. Jay Lingenfelter spoke for it and rebutted those claims.
    Councilman Artie Baker made a motion to deny the request. His motion to deny was unanimous.
    Roodman then spoke about a request to rezone a 51.9-acre tract of property at 2590 Peach Orchard Road from Agricultural Conservation (AC) to Residential-15 (R-15). The applicant is Dunlap Properties, she said.
    During the Public Hearing, a resident questioned the address of the property and Roodman explained how that process works and how a property might not have a specific address until a structure is built.
    Doc Dunlap spoke in favor of the request and said he hoped to develop homes in the $250,000 to $300,000 range.
    Thirteen residents spoke against the request, citing concerns related to the water table, encroachment on Shaw Air Force Base, traffic, crime, zoning and wildlife.
    Councilman Charles Edens said he knows the property well and understands challenges that developers are facing. He also recognized that Sumter County can’t remain stagnant and has to grow. He then made a motion to deny the request. Councilman Eugene Baten advocated for protecting Shaw Air Force Base. Councilman Artie Baker made a substitute motion to defer the request. That motion carried and the request was deferred. Baten voted against it.
    Sumter County Attorney Johnathan Bryan spoke next about third reading of a request to amend the Master Agreement governing Sumter-Lee Industrial Park to include Honey Solar LLC. No one spoke during the Public Hearing.
    Third reading was approved.
    Sumter County Administrator Gary Mixon spoke about first reading of a request to amend the operating budget to spend $700,000 from the General Fund to hire Hawkins & Kolb to renovate Magnolia Place. First reading was approved.
    Council Chairman James T. McCain Jr. reported the Fiscal, Tax and Property Committee met earlier and two reports were given – an update from the Finance Director and an update on the election results regarding the One Cent Capital Projects Sales Tax Referendum. No action was taken on those reports, he said. The Committee also came forth with a motion and a second to authorize the Administrator to enter into negotiations with a potential buyer for a county property. Full Council approved it. Another motion and a second came forth from the Committee regarding the authorization of the Administrator to lease warehouse space and full Council approved.
    During the Public Comments, residents advocated for maintaining roads and considering a sidewalk along North Pike West.
    The meeting adjourned at 7:47 p.m.

    Stewart leads Pledge of Allegiance before County Council meeting

    Nov 23 2022 Sumter County Council Veteran Stewart leads Pledge of Allegiance 1

    Sumter Veteran Randy Stewart led the Pledge of Allegiance  before Sumter County Council’s regular Nov. 22, 2022, meeting.
    Stewart served our Nation in the U.S. Air Force from July 1992 to November 2015. He was assigned to Andrews AFB, Washington, D.C. during Sept. 11, 2001, and supported relief efforts at the Pentagon. He also served in Operation Northern Watch and Southern Watch, Operation Iraqi Freedom,  and Operation Inherent Resolve, which targeted Isis in Syria. He is a Major with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office and currently lives in District 3, which is represented by Vice Chairman Jimmy Byrd.
    Thank you for your service, Maj. Stewart. 

    Nov 23 2022 Sumter County Council Veteran Stewart leads Pledge of Allegiance 2

    Nov 23 2022 Sumter County Council Veteran Stewart leads Pledge of Allegiance 4

    November 2022 edition of Gamecock County Gazette now available

    An online newsletter from Sumter County Government is available for free.
    Each month the Gamecock County Gazette will be delivered via e-mail, and for those who wish to receive a digital copy please send your e-mail address to jperry@sumtercountysc.org and our communications coordinator will add you to the list.
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    November 2022 Gamecock County Gazette