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    Voter Registration and Elections: No witness signature needed on mail ballots for June primaries

    May 25 2020 Voter Registration signature PSA 1

    Voter Registration and Elections: Requirements to Challenge a Ballot

    May 27 2020 Requirements to challenge ballot  1

    Expect traffic slowdowns at Wilson Hall and Carter Road intersection

    May 26 2020 Carter Rd and Wilson Halll intersection Penny for Progress 1

    The Penny for Progress project to improve the intersection of Wilson Hall Road and Carter Road officially got underway today as the Notice to Proceed was given from Sumter County Government.

    This project is scheduled to be completed within 365 days and the purpose is to improve traffic flow while making it safer for pedestrians and motorists alike.

    Improvements will include new turn lanes, installation of mast arms and signalization, along with drainage improvements and designated crosswalks.

    Utilities are currently being relocated and will cause traffic slowdowns, so please be patient as we work to improve this intersection.

    May 26 2020 Carter Rd and Wilson Halll intersection Penny for Progress 2

    S.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Beatty: Evictions can resume, with provisions

    South Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald W. Beatty has ordered that all evictions can resume on May 15, 2020, with certain provisions.

    Evictions were temporarily suspended as county and state offices were closed to stop the spread of coronavirus.

    Chief Justice Beatty’s order shows the court can accept applications for ejectment, schedule hearings, issue writs or warrants of ejectment or proceed in any other manner regarding evictions. Master-in-Equity courts can resume foreclosure hearings and foreclosure sales, in addition to issuing writs of assistance and writs of ejectment.

    If a person or entity is pursuing eviction or foreclosure, it is necessary to certify in writing that the real estate at issue is not subject to the limitations and requirements of the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act. If the real estate or property is subject to those restrictions, eviction or foreclosure actions will be terminated, the order states.

    Chief Justice Beatty also ordered that eviction and foreclosure hearings need to comply with his April 22, 2020, amended order regarding remote hearings and limiting the number of people in the courtroom.

    Hearings will be staggered with 30 minute breaks in between to reduce the number of people in court and allow for any cleaning and sanitizing. Hearings with people present in court are the exception and not the rule.

    Judges are required to make people attending hearings to wear masks or other facial coverings, Chief Justice Beatty’s order states.

    Chief Justice Beatty's order

    Certification of Compliance

    Dillon Park, Mill Creek Park and Patriot Park will reopen on May 19


    On Tuesday, May 19, 2020, Sumter County parks will reopen.

    Dillon Park, Mill Creek Park and Patriot Park will not have restrooms available and playground equipment at Dillon Park will still be off limits.

    We ask you to continue to follow guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control in regards to social distancing. Please stay 6 feet apart from one another and do not congregate in groups. Stay safe and stay healthy and get some fresh air.

    Aug 23 2017 Sumter County file art Dillon Park

    OUR FRONT LINE - EMT Madison Edmonds of Sumter County EMS

    May 7 2020 Madi Edmonds Sumter County EMS 1

    Madison Edmonds was working toward a career as a radiologist when her biology instructor started telling stories about working for Emergency Medical Services.

    Tanya Quiroz was also a Paramedic for Sumter County EMS at the time and used lessons she’d learned in the field to help her biology students better understand how the body functions.

    Edmonds was intrigued about EMS.

    So her instructor said, ‘Come and ride with me one day,’ she said.

    “And then I thought – well this is awesome, I want to do this forever,” she said.

    It’s not surprising, though, considering Madi had spent several years working as a lifeguard and swimming instructor at YMCAs in the region.

    “It actually was our family’s requirement – it had to be our first job,” she said. “My parents wanted us to know CPR and have those skills.”

    Her favorite aspect of the job, though, was teaching children how to swim who had never been around water before.

    “Many of them had never gone swimming before -- just scared to get into the pool and then you watch them get excited to come to the pool after just a few weeks,” she said. “And I did a lot of work with autistic children.”

    She saw how there’s far too many drownings that could easily be prevented.

    “There’s a lot of lakes and pools everywhere and you know they’ll be okay because you taught them,” she said.

    Chief Bobby Hingst, the Director of EMS, said he’s continually impressed with Edmonds’ commitment to her job.

    “Madi is a dedicated Emergency Medical Technician and goes above and beyond any expectations. She is passionate about helping people, she has a big heart, and I think these qualities are what make her ability to provide high quality pre-hospital care so good,” he said. “Madi comes from a family of first responders and her dedication to her career is unparalleled. She wears her uniform with pride, honor, and integrity!”

    An Elgin native, Madi said her father Michael Edmonds is a retired firefighter, and she has several cousins who are serving as firefighters in Columbia.

    So with prompting from a Paramedic and growing up around first responders, she decided to enroll in an EMT class at Central Carolina Technical College and immediately took to it.

    Now six months into the job, with each shift there’s never a dull moment.

    “It’s interesting and it’s busy,” she said. “We have some very eclectic calls.”

    She’s learned how to talk to patients and calm them down before they arrive at the hospital and get them the care they need.

    Dealing with the coronavirus has added an extra layer and is challenging, she said, and wearing a mask all the time provides its own set of obstacles.

    “Wearing glasses is honestly the worse part, you can’t get them to sit right and they fog up,” she said.

    She understands the need for precautions, though, and has also noticed how she and her co-workers have recently experienced having very dry hands and cracked skin.

    “I mean, we’ve always washed our hands regularly but with the sanitizer we use, it really dries out your skin,” she said.

    She and her co-workers have noticed a newfound gratitude toward healthcare workers and first responders.

    “I didn’t come into this job for recognition, but I do appreciate that – they’re trying. And that is nice,” she said.

    Ultimately, she couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else.

    “I feel like I’m actually doing something,” she said. “I couldn’t sit around a desk all day.”

    May 7 2020 Madi Edmonds Sumter County EMS 3

    Public Notice from Voter Registration/Elections

    Public Notice: To all registered voters who live in the Mulberry Precinct, you are
    receiving a new voter registration card in the mail due to a polling location
    change. Your new polling location is North Hope Center, 904 North Main Street,
    Sumter, S.C.

    Sumter County precincts and polling locations

    SUMTER COUNTY Precincts 04-16-2020

    Pay taxes or fines via dropboxes at Magnolia Place and Summary Court

    Summary Court Dropbox PSA

    Magnolia Place PSA

    Officers and Seats up for 2020 Elections


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