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Clerk of Court and Sheriff want to warn public about phone scam New!


Sumter County Clerk of Court Jamie Campbell would like to notify the public about a recent scam regarding jury selection.

Citizens around Sumter County have gotten recorded phone calls from “Sumter County Court Services Division” asking people to leave a name and number and purporting to fine them for missing jury duty. Although the number may change, the current number is (803) 720-2807.

No such organization exists, Campbell said. If you are selected for jury duty, notifications are always done by mail, he said.

Sumter County Council's Feb. 13 meeting New!


Sumter County Council Tuesday evening during its regular meeting passed second reading on an ordinance regarding real estate signs, passed third reading on a budget amendment, and passed first reading on a new special tax district.

City-County Planning Director George McGregor told council that the real estate sign changes effect three types: commercial project signs, individual residential lots under construction signs and residential subdivisions.

Voter Registration/Elections: Filing opens March 16 New!


Filing opens for candidates seeking political party nominations:

Filing opens for candidates March 16, 2018 at noon

Filing closes for candidates March 30, 2018 at noon

Filing will take place in the Voter Registration/Election office

141 N. Main Street Room 114.

Office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.



From the Administrator

Winter-Winding Down? New!


Winter – Winding Down?

What an odd winter it has been this year in Sumter, South Carolina.  First we received the lions’ share of snow, about seven inches in different parts of the County, while the upstate known for light snows received none.  Next, we have already had, in Sumter County, sub 20o weather for days with highs only reading sub-freezing levels at 280.  Not our typical winter weather in Sumter for sure.  Global warming, is not here!

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