Spoke too soon...

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Spoke too soon...

Well I did it again, I talked about the nice weather with 800 temperatures in February and now it is mid- March with 400 and 500 temperatures.  The Azalea blooms may not survive the next few weeks.  We even had ‘snow’ one morning!  We did not receive much accumulation but it sure was nice to see the big flakes falling. 

But as rough as we think we have it, my prayers go out to the north populace who have received up to two-feet of snow and ice.  The “Nor’easter” is a powerful storm.  As long as there are no power outages, we all can stay warm during these unusual cold ‘Nor’easter’ nights.

We really have much to be thankful for here in Sumter.  Your County Government is ready and on standby if the need arises.  As always, be safe and pray for those in need.

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